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Truth and misconceptions about slot machines

July 2, 2019

When a person is starting to play in an online casino, he is certainly interested in such moments as winning game strategies, acceptable rates, gameplay features and so on. Players do not just want to enjoy the game; they really want to make money in a virtual club.

Professional players do not recommend trusting all the promises of big and easy wins, which can often be seen on the Internet. Undoubtedly, there are strategies that really help gamers to win from time to time, but we must remember that this does not always happen. We offer you to get acquainted with 10 myths that are associated with gaming in a virtual club.

Long press the button

There is such a method, which is very much written on the Internet, that if you hold the button on the slot machine, the probability of a successful combination increases greatly. Is that true or not? To be honest, it is unlikely.

Even if you press the button very sharply, it will not affect the result of the game. Because the winning combinations appear only by random method, and it cannot be predicted in advance.

If the machine does not give a win for a long, then soon be sure it will

There are some gamers who naively believe in the fact that if you lose for a long time on one machine, then soon it is possible to break a huge jackpot. And this is also a big misconception, because the only rule that all slots obey is the random number generator. The jackpot can fall only by chance and no other way.

The machine can be studied

And this is another common misconception! You will never be able to learn this or that slot absolutely, because it does not have a clear program for issuing combinations. In the online slot all combinations come by chance, so do not waste your time on studying the machine.

The more you bet, the more you win

Professional players have written many times in their reviews that the size of the bet does not affect the probability of winning. Do not believe the empty promises of game marketers and know that the jackpot can be broken even at the minimum rate.

Virtual clubs make a special setting of machines

The owners of online clubs are often accused of such frauds. In fact, this is simply impossible, because the developers of game content do not give access to the system options of a game.

The jackpot appeared on the screen, so soon there will be a big win

Even if the program showed you the jackpot symbol on the screen, it does not confirm that the winning combination will soon appear. In the online game everything happens by accident, without certain laws.

If you play on several machines, the winnings will come faster

Even if you start simultaneous rounds on all machines in the casino, it will not affect the victory or defeat in the game.

Won a lot of money – go away

In practice, this statement does not work. You can win on one slot many times in a row, or you can lose the whole day. Everything is decided by the random number generator.

Winning depends on how you deposit money into your account

Whatever method of depositing money you choose, it will not affect the results of your gambling round. Although, it is worth adding that you can choose the best option for depositing money, which is convenient for you.

Knowledge of the strategies of the game

This rule really works in online gaming, so try to learn as many strategies and in the future you will be able to use them in the game.