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Types of slot machine game apps: choosing the best ones

July 11, 2019

Slot machine game apps for free and for money

The number of people who are dreaming to start gambling in casino exceeds the number of active players in thousands of times. Sometimes, potential players simply do not know if they “cope” with gambling task — understand the gameplay, learn which buttons must be used, and realize how to win more there. They are not confident in their playing abilities.

What can they do in this situation? Shall they continue to envy real gamblers reading about huge jackpots what they won? There is a way out — this is slot machine game apps use: they can download these games on iPad or Android and use them for “training” before Big Casino game.

Where can you find slot machine game apps?

If free slot machine game apps are needed, is it worth downloading them from Google Play (for Android)? Their number of these slot machine game apps is huge. Each solution has its own paid and free options that differ in functionality and limitations.

Today, computer games are firmly rooted in the lives of a huge number of PC users. And if earlier in order to play your favorite game, the player needed a home computer or laptop, now it is enough to have a mobile device based on Android OS with Internet access. Almost all modern games are compatible with this operating system.

Why should you play slots on Android?

The main advantages of Android, as a gaming platform, are high quality images and sound, a huge number of free games (free download slot machine game apps are available on Google Play), ease of searching by category, simplicity of the interface, as well as countless cheats that can be easily found on special gaming websites. Another advantage of these games is the ability to play anytime, anywhere.

Even if you do not have access to the Internet, you can play offline games previously downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. It helps to pass the time on a trip or in line. Devices with large screens and loud sound make the virtual gaming world even more colorful and exciting. If you have access to the network, you can download and play your favorite online games with players from anywhere in the world. Unlike other mobile operating systems (for example, iOS), for Android users, it will be absolutely free.

Advantages of free games for a mobile device

Undoubtedly, the main plus of slot machine game apps is its speed, which, coupled with the absence of bugs and user-friendly interface, makes a very pleasant impression on users.

Another significant plus is the openness of Android to install all sorts of free games. Besides, the games like free slot machine Game of Thrones apps Android can be found later on gambling resources, and the user can play it, making money there: they will have a good experience after playing on a mobile device.

How to play slot games on a mobile device?

Each game app, regardless of whether it is a slot or a table game like Poker, has settings and instruction. After the installation of the game, it is worth reading it.

However, touchscreen phones and tablets are easy to be used — when a player sees a Spin button, it must be touched simply to start the game. Other buttons correspond to those, which are seen in the games for a laptop.

Types of slot games applications

Here, everything is made to let the player feel comfortable making their choice.

They can download the application of a mobile casino with several games available there or each game separately. These are:

  • Various slot machine game apps — slot games;
  • Table games;
  • Card games;
  • Bingo and Keno;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Sports, etc.

Some of these slot machine game apps are created to spin for free, while the other ones have the versions where a player can win real money.

Game applications for mobile devices

When choosing any of them, it is needed to read the shortest description of the game and its possibility before the installation. The users’ reviews will also help to understand if this game is rated high or not and whether it is worth playing the slot.

With the variety of slot game apps, the player may try first to download a lot of them (slots are free) before they choose those, they enjoy the best.

Big Win Casino

This is an application with 20 types of slot machines; 500 free coins every 3 hours are given to a player, a progressive jackpot and much more are offered. This is just a small part of what awaits a player in this application.

The developers have tried to cram maximum entertainment into this pocket casino, which the player can see by downloading this game.

PokerStars: Texas Holdem

Can any casino exist without Poker? It is hard to imagine it. Poker Stars is the leader of the Poker games apps.

Finally, this famous brand has reached the Android, and with it – millions of gamblers can play Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other types of Poker. Joining them, the user can even fight with other players online.

DH Texas Poker

This is another mobile Poker leader, which entices players with many interesting things.

They include a personal table for playing with friends, a daily lottery game, free chips, and numerous freerolls — all this awaits the user.

Pharaoh’s Way

This is the mobile app version of a casino with great graphics, many types of games, doubling win.

Usually, Pharaoh’s Way becomes the leader of downloads.

Coin Dozer – Free Prizes

Continuing the list of the best games on Android, Coin Dozer is a completely unique game. This is an emulator in which a player needs to drop coins on a special plane already filled with coins. The player’s goal is to crush as many coins as possible and various bonuses and boosters will help with this. The game is really interesting and even addictive.

As most of slot machine game apps are free, the player can download many of them for free, and then, “stop” on those ones which will attract them for many reasons — the coolest gameplay, interesting storyline, stunning graphics, and possibility to win money later.